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Happy Mother’s BirthDay

On: May 11th, 2008 at 8:06 pm | In: Uncategorized

Today was a celebration of life all around.  Today, not only did I get to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom; but, I got to celebrate my Dad’s birthday as well (yes…both hit the same day this year!!).   It’s only occasionally that this happens like this; but it’s always nice to be with the family on a day like this!  There was good food (of course) and good times.  The best thing about days like these is when they get to open the gifts.  My dad was ecstatic to get the DVD’s and books he wanted (Border’s gift cards go over REAL good for him, too).  My mom kind of got a shock when she found out what my dad & brother got for her.  She found out she was getting a Wii.  Yes…she got Wii and will be getting, by the next weekend, Wii Aerobics.  She was upset that her current workout was not doing her any good.  Hopefully, this will work to her benefit.  I, also, hope this will work to Dad’s benefit as well.

My parent’s health has always been a thing that has worried me, especially my Dad’s health.  A lot of stuff runs in my family (i.e., diabetes, cancer, heart disease) that I would like to see my parents take care of themselves…at least long enough to see grandkids (yes, Dad…you can’t fight the inevitable).  I know every little bit helps…this should help!! I have heard that the Wii workouts have some benefits.  Some people have, actually, lost weight doing these workouts and Nintendo has input ways of tracking your progress through some of the games.  I’m an optimist…really!!!!

To my mom, mother-in-law, and every mother out there…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!  (Happy Birthday to you, too, Daddy).

PS…stay tuned for some wine-ing as there are wine trips in the works!!!


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I love 4 letter words…and I tend to use them quite often. “Love”, “want”, “need”, and many of the seven dirty words that is on George Carlin’s list. BUT…not one 4 letter word makes me cringe the most other than “WORK.” Not because of my job (which I do like….so far); but just because of the concept. Five days a week; you get up at the same time, do the same routine, drive the same route to get to the office/job site. It gets extraordinarily cumbersome. THEN, once you get to work; you do the same thing…over and over and over. And for what? CAPITALISM. Yes…we work our ass off EVERYDAY for a concept. PLEEEZE don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that communism is the alternative…far from it.

Do people complain? OF COURSE, we’re only human…why wouldn’t we? We complain because we know that, as a society, we need to work to live. The problem, then, is that there are some people who don’t get the “LIVE” part. These are the people who “live to work”…AKA “WORKAHOLICS”. These are the people that will end up dead at the ripe age of 40 by either heart attack or brain aneurysm because of all the stress incurred. The only thing I have to say to these people….”GET A LIFE.”

So, is there a cure? Well, you could consider retirement a cure…but you have to work to get to retirement…which isn’t so much a cure rather than a “permanent vacation.” There are temporary remedies that I like to live by which help me de-stress after a crap day at the office. For one, HAPPY HOURS!! Happy hours=alcohol!! The occasional Guinness or Bailey’s on the rocks help me unwind either out with friends or at home with the hubby. People know I have had a hard week when I go after the alcohol on a daily basis. Drinking everyday is definitely not me…but it has happened. The second…going to the gym or going out for a run. If I can do a workout that will help me take out some aggressions after a long day; then my work here is done!!! The third…BITCH!! If all I need is someone who’ll listen to me; then, please…just listen. If I wanted advice, I would ask later. But, really, sometimes all we need is a bitching post (heheh…no pun intended).


I have a blog!!

On: April 23rd, 2008 at 8:12 pm | In: Uncategorized

Simple title…yes, I am aware.  But, I tend to think of myself as simple; so….so far so good!!

Welcome to my whining (and wine-ing) corner of the world.  I now have the keyboard power to write what I feel…and only feel semi-critical about it afterwards!!  I would like to thank my wonderful and loving husband for setting this up for me (thank you, love).  I am dipping my toe in the warm waters of the web…and maybe this is where I’ll be spending some of my time…now that I have my wonderful MACBOOK!!!  There is still some work to be done; but, what I hope to accomplish with this blog is to log my many winery trips (which I DO hope to take many…either stateside or abroad….ITALY HERE I COME!!!) and to offer opinions (like I don’t do that already) about whatever happens to pop up.  I hope you like…